Who Doesn't Love A Good Massage?

Well we certainly do, and we also want to reward our regular patients by offering you these exclusive deals...

5 Pack 1hr Massages $400 (Save $50 or $80 each)

10 Pack 1hr Massages $ 700 (Save $200 of $70 each)

These bulk massage deals are great for those of you that need regular massages, but can also be great for corporate gifts or Christmas time when you need to buy a lot of presents.

Why not save some money by purchasing one of these great offers today?



What's the expiry? There is no expiry on these - make your purchase today and don't be stressed about if you'll actually use them in time.

Can I transfer these? Sure thing. Why not use most of them yourself and pass on one of them to a friend.

Do you do refunds? Sorry but because of the great price we're offering we won't do discounts. Like mentioned previously they are transferrable and have no expiry.

Do I have to see the same massage therapist? It is preferable, as your massage therapist will be paid in advanced it will make the admin a bit tricky to un-pay them.

Do I have to pay upfront? Yes, to get these awesome prices you do have to pay upfront.

Can I claim on my health fund? Yes you can, but rebates can only be issued individually after each treatment do to health fund requirements - you can't be rebated for a service that you haven't had yet. We will make things easier for you however, after each massage we'll swipe your card and issue you the rebate in cash or EFT refund.