Biomechanics Healthcare Cronulla Staff

Complementary Therapies To Help Get You Pain-Free, Moving Better and Feeling Great

Do you want to put an end your pain, get more mobile and improve your total body health? Biomechanics Healthcare can help. We're an allied healthcare clinic in Cronulla specialising in complementary therapies for women, office workers, tradies and sports people.

Whether you need an Osteopath, Physiotherapist, Massage Therapist, Acupuncturist, Dry Needling Practitioner or Podiatrist, you're in the right hands.

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Principles that set us apart:

  1. Whole body health: Our philosophy is based on the principle that your body's structure (i.e. bones, joints, muscles and ligaments) affects its function (i.e. breathing, circulation, digestion and metabolism). So for optimum health and wellbeing, we focus on diagnosing what's causing your complaints before treating you with any complementary therapies.
  1. Hands-on, evidence-based practice: We favour widely accepted treatments supported by scientific evidence, the latest research and biologically plausible theories. Our treatments are complementary therapies to mainstream medicine, not just “alternative”. That's why we work closely with GPs and medical specialists to get you the best results possible.
  1. Free initial assessment and 100% satisfaction guarantee. Choosing the right treatment for your condition can feel like a minefield. That's why we offer a FREE 10-minute assessment performed by our Principal Osteopath. You can rest assured knowing you're getting the right treatment from the right practitioner. Not only that, all of our complementary therapies are backed by our better than money back guarantee.


Meet Our Team


Rhys Donovan Osteopath Cronulla

Dr Rhys Donovan - Osteopath, Director

Expertise: Headaches, Spinal Pain, Rib Pain, Workplace Injuries, Animals (Canine & Equine).



Dan Garner Osteopath Cronulla

Dr Dan Garner - Osteopath

Expertise: Ankle & Knee Pain/Instability, Pelvic Pain, Functional Movement, Chronic Pain

Sarah Sears Massage Cronulla

Sarah Sears - Massage Therapist

Expertise: Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Cupping

Robyn Parkes Remedial Massage Cronulla

Robyn Parkes - Massage Therapist, Clinic Support Manager

Expertise: Stress Relief, Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Mindful Meditation



Kathleen Taylor Massage Cronulla

Kathleen Taylor - Massage Therapist

Expertise: Sports Injuries, RSI, Hip Pain

Rick Hartley Osteopath Cronulla

Dr Rick Hartley - Osteopath

Expertise: Golf Biomechanics, Shoulder Problems, Running Injuries, Functional Movement



Luke Willis Acupuncture Cronulla

Luke Willis - Acupuncturist

Expertise: Fertility, Allergies, Immune Deficiencies