Osteopathy Cronulla

Osteopathy Cronulla

A Holistic Approach To Your Injuries & Ailments

Are you looking for relief from back pain or headaches? Or are you just struggling with your usual day to day movements? Cronulla Osteopaths Rhys Donovan, Dan Garner and Rick Hartley can help your body to function the way it is supposed to.

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Did you know that your back, neck or shoulder pain might actually stem from other areas of your body? As Osteopaths, Dr Rhys Donovan, Dr Dan Garner and Dr Rick Hartley can diagnose the cause of your complaint, correct the problem and help relieve your pain once and for all.


Dr Rhys Donovan Osteopathy Cronulla Dr Dan Garner Osteopathy Cronulla Dr Rick Hartley Osteopathy Cronulla
Dr Rhys Donovan Dr Dan Garner Dr Rick Hartley

What Is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is based on the principle that your body's form (i.e. bones, joints, muscles and ligaments) affects its function (i.e. breathing, circulation, digestion and metabolism). Once serious pathology is ruled out, an osteopath examines physical and psychological stresses and the way your body is adjusting to (compensating for) these effects.

Osteopathic treatment uses soft-tissue massage, joint manipulation, postural rehabilitation and education on diet, exercise and lifestyle to:


Improve your circulation

Reduce muscle spasm

Improve and maintain flexibility

Maintain nerve supply

Restore the balance of muscles and joints


Is Osteopathy New?

The modern roots of Osteopathy date back to 1872. Dr AT Still, a physician, believed that the body contained the elements necessary for its own healing. So he developed a complete system for stimulating the immune system naturally.


Osteopathy & Medicine

Osteopathy and medicine both use scientific knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Both use clinical methods of investigation and both require extensive training.

The current Osteopathy course is a 5-year university degree (3-year Bachelor and 2-year Masters) which is taught at RMIT and Victoria University in Melbourne, as well as Southern Cross University in Lismore.

Osteopathy is sometimes referred to as 'alternative medicine'. It's important to understand that traditionally, that is exactly what it was - an alternative to the current medical procedures of the time. Back then, more people died on the operating table than survived, and medical procedures such as lobotomies and using mercury, opium and arsenic as medicine created more problems than they solved. In fact, it's well documented that the founder of osteopathy Dr A.T Still was a medical doctor who was in search of an alternative to the common treatments of the time after his wife & three children died from meningitis.

These days, medicine has progressed a lot and osteopaths typically don’t see themselves as an “alternative” to modern medicine, but rather as a complement to it.


Osteopathy vs. Chiropractic & Physiotherapy

The main difference between Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Physiotherapy and other manual therapies is the underlying principle that all of the body’s systems are interrelated.

An Osteopathic approach to injury considers that the main site of pain is not necessarily the source of the problem. The human body is an amazing structure that naturally adapts to pain and compensates to make things feel more comfortable.

Osteopaths tend to treat the body more completely using a wide range of techniques over a longer treatment session than most other manual therapists.


What Can I Expect From My Osteopathy Treatment?

Cronulla Osteopaths Dr Rhys DonovanDr Dan Garner and Dr Rick Hartley have a versatile approach to suit many types of patients and complaints. Most treatments consist of a combination of deep tissue massage, stretching, joint mobilisation or adjustments, and exercise prescription.

Massaging and stretching before adjustment are the preferred approach as it makes the process easier and more comfortable. But if you don't like getting your joints 'cracked', that's not a problem. Your comfort comes first. Plus, there are techniques that can be used to alleviate your pain including trigger point therapy, targeted stretching and gentle joint mobilisation.

In the rare event that joint adjustment is the only way forward, you’ll be fully informed and your consent will be obtained before proceeding. As always, the final decision is completely up to you.


Who Can Benefit From Osteopathy?

If you’re a Cronulla or Sutherland Shire resident, there are many conditions and recreational activities that can be assisted by Osteopathy.

  • Cronulla locals who love to run, swim or surf and occasionally find themselves in bouts of pain.
  • Posture/mobility problems
  • Back/neck pain
  • Arthritis
  • Joint pain
  • Sports and other Injuries
  • RSI (Repetitive strain injury)
  • Headaches
  • Sciatica
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Asthma


Is Osteopathy available under Medicare?

Medicare covers some Osteopathic treatments with a referral from a GP. Many private health funds give rebates for Osteopathy, most of which can be claimed on the spot.


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