Podiatry Cronulla - Vanessa Hadchiti

Cronulla Podiatrist Vanessa Hadchiti: Meet The NEW Best Friend For Your Feet!


*Vanessa is currently unavailable at Biomechanics Healthcare until further notice. Please contact her at her Miranda clinic, The Podiatry Centre on 9525 8446 to make a booking*


Vanessa Hadchiti | Podiatrist Cronulla

Say goodbye to bunions, corns and creepy toenails with the help of Cronulla Podiatrist, Vanessa Hadchiti. If you've got sore feet or problems with your lower limbs, call now to book an appointment at our Cronulla clinic.




Book Online or call our Cronulla clinic on 9527 3322 today

Common complaints our Podiatrist can help you with...



 Foot Pain

  In-grown toenails

 Diabetic neuropathy

 Flat feet & high arches


Did you know our Podiatrist treats more than just sore feet?


That's right. Vanessa is a specialist in all things to do with your lower limbs including:


 Sports injuries

Biomechanical assessments

Gait analysis


Injury prevention


In fact, Vanessa was handpicked as the Podiatrist for the Cronulla Sharks NRL Team (2012-2013).

So whether it’s poor running technique, overuse or inappropriate footwear, rest assured that Vanessa will get to the core of the problem. Together with her extensive experience and state-of-the-art technology (including video treadmill analysis), Vanessa will help you understand exactly what’s causing your lower limb problems ... not just treat the symptoms.


Don't put off seeing a Podiatrist any longer


The good news is you don’t need to keep suffering from sore feet or lower limb problems. Like most health issues, early intervention is key. So the quicker you seek treatment from a professional podiatrist, the better your chances of recovery and rehabilitation.

Did you know that delaying early treatment could lead to chronic injuries, which take much longer to rehabilitate. Plus, foot and leg problems can also cause “compensations” or changes in the way you move … leading to pain and dysfunction in other areas of your body. So don’t risk putting off seeing our Podiatrist any longer.


Ready to take the first step towards pain-free feet?


Book a consultation with our Podiatrist at Biomechanics Healthcare Cronulla. You can relax knowing that your treatment is covered by our better than money back guarantee.


Call our Cronulla Clinic on 9527 3322 or Book Online


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