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How To Give Yourself a Gift This Christmas.

The Silly Season is upon us yet again. It’s not called the silly season for no reason. Indulging, partying, drinking, overeating and running around like a headless chicken from event-to-event and shop-to-shop, it’s no wonder many of us feel exhausted, rundown, overweight and stressed as the new year comes around. Here are some tips.. Read more.


Six Super Tips on Making The Most of Your Health Fund

There's so much going on at this time of year that most people overlook one important thing - most health fund limits reset at midnight on the 31st December. This has to be the health fund provider's favourite time of year as all the money that you have paid on to your health fund simply disappears!.. Read more.


Bunions - Podiatry Blog

Also known as ‘hallux valgus’ (hallux=toe, valgus=twisted or turning outward), a bunion is a painful condition characterised by a deformity at the metatarsophalangeal joint (MTP), which is located at the base of the big toe (also known as the great toe). Normally the big toe should point forward.. Read more.


I’m Fit, Strong And Invincible - But I Still Have Private Hospital Cover

Year after year I see my regular clients and I’m lucky enough to meet and engage with new clients needing my accounting services. Most of the clients I see have private health insurance, some because they know that they’re not invincible and others because they don’t want to be slugged with.. Read more.


Why Sitting Is Killing You

Wow, that’s a pretty heavy introduction, isn’t it? Well, it may be, but it’s true. Let me explain why… Human’s are the most evolved creature on the planet. Every part of our design is a response to who we have needed to function in the past 200 000 years. We’re talking everything from our muscles, bones, circulatory & nervous systems... Read more.


Exercise Headaches Osteo Blog

Exercise headaches usually strike in younger people, from adolescence through age 50 and usually occurs with lengthy exercise sessions. The headache usually pops up at the height of exercise and the pain typically fades when the exercise stops.. Read more.


Chronic Pain

Chronic pain usually falls into one of two categories: Nociceptive pain is caused by damage to body tissue and usually described as a sharp, aching, or throbbing pain. The damage may be due to an event such as an injury or surgery or an active disease process within the tissues.. Read more.


Winter Sports

Sport is an important part of the culture in Australia, with a long history in the country dating back to the pre-colonial period. Australia's mild winters mean that in most parts of Australia, regular outdoor sports can be played all year, and indeed more vigorous sports are more comfortably played in winter.. Read more.


Reducing the Effects of Arthritis

Arthritis Awareness Week (March 23rd to 29th 2014) is here to highlight how prevalent this type of illness is which affects almost 4 million Australians, and costs the economy 23.9 billion dollars each year for medical treatment and associated costs.. Read more.


Something Smells Fishy...

Fish oil is one of the most common supplements these days, but I’ve found that a lot of patients don't know why they're taking it or if they actually need it. It seems to be one of those things that people hear that it's good for them, so they jump on the bandwagon.. Read more.


Osteopathy Awareness Week - 14th to 18th April 2013

This week from the 14th April to 18th April 2013 is Osteopathy Awareness Week. The aim of this week is to educate the general public as well as fellow health care providers, about Osteopathy and the many conditions that it can help people with.. Read more.


Heat Or To Ice? Understanding Injury Management (Continued)

Rheumatoid arthritis is a classic situation. Once it sets in, sufferers will endure the disease for a lifetime. But just because its been there more than 72 hrs doesn't mean you should start to use heat on it. This will only intensify the pain and make it feel worse.. Read more.


Heat or Ice? Understanding Injury Management

I get this question at least once a week. Its a relatively simple answer if you follow the rule ice for the first 48 - 72 hrs following injury and heat after that, but to fully understand when to use heat or ice and to get better results from your treatment it requires a bit of explanation.. Read more.


Do You Slump?

One of the more common complaints I see in my consultations is that of bad posture. 6000 years ago humans made the amazing feat of standing upright, yet it almost seems that we're doing everything in our power to bring ourselves back down again, especially in the last 50 years.. Read more.


The 5 Most Common 'Side Effects' of Acupuncture

Forget what you've been told. Acupuncture does have side effects. The unintended consequences of acupuncture, while not life-threatening, should not be overlooked. The side effects of acupuncture occur frequently and can seriously impact on your quality of life.. Read more.

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