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Improving movement, performance, and wellbeing.

Are you sick and tired of putting up with pain? Is your health holding you back? Now you can get safe, effective, no-nonsense treatment without leaving the Sutherland Shire. Biomechanics Healthcare in Cronulla provides a complete range of allied health services specially tailored for each individual. Imagine your own team of trusted allied practitioners working hand-in-hand to:

  1. Correctly diagnose your condition
  2. Quickly relieve you of your pain
  3. Show you how to manage your condition outside of the treatment room
  4. Prescribe you a management plan to get you back to 100%

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By making your appointment with Biomechanics Healthcare Cronulla, you're putting your trust in over a combined 60 years of experience treating musculoskeletal injuries, women's health, sports injuries, workplace/Workcover claims, everyday niggles and lots more.

You don't need a referral to see us, just make an appointment to get started. If you have any questions prior to your appointment don't hesitate to ask our receptionists, and if they can't help you out then one of our experinced practitioners will give you a call back.

What Sets Us Apart?

 After hours & weekend appointments

 Innovative & effective treatment approaches

 Multi-skilled practitioners

 Practitioners who work together to solve your problem

 Free 10 Minute assessment if you're still unsure if we can help

Book Online or call our Cronulla Clinic on 9527 3322 today.


Complaints That We Can Help With:



 Stress Relief

 Sports Injuries

 Workcover/DVA/Medicare Claims

 CTP Insurance Claims


 Achilles Tendonosis

 Golfer's & Tennis Elbow


 Back & Neck Pain

 Mobility & Flexibility

 Exercise Advice

 Post Surgical Rehab

 TMJ/Jaw Pain

 Ankle Sprains

 Shoulder Injuries

 Knee Pain


Book Online or call our Cronulla Clinic on 9527 3322 today.

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