Free 10 Minute Assessment


Free 10 Minute Health Assessment Cronulla

Are you unsure whether your problem can be fixed, or do you just not know where to start?

Make an appointment with us for a FREE 10 MINUTE ASSESSMENT, and put those uncertainties aside.

Any of our practitioners can conduct this free assessment and will provide you with a written report on:


If we can help

Who you should see

If you should seek other help (scans, GP, insurance claim etc)

Book you in for the necessary appointments


If you're still unsure we can even arrange a phone conversation with the practitioner you have been referred to so that you can be 100% sure that you will be looked after.

How To Book Your Free 10 Minute Assessment

Call Biomechanics Healthcare on 9527 3322 to reserve a time for your FREE 10 MINUTE ASSESSMENT.


Terms & Conditions

  1. Free 10 minute assessment does not include treatment or advice on how to manage your condition.
  2. Appointment time for follow-up treatment must be booked for another time as we cannot guarantee there will be time immediately after the free assessment
  3. If an appointment is booked after the assessment, normal rates apply (i.e using the Free 10 Minute Assessment does not mean that you can obtain your first treatment for a follow-up prices)
  4. Free 10 minute assessment does not guarantee a diagnosis will be made (In some cases it may be, but you must understand the osteopath cannot always diagnose on behalf of our other practitioners as they are practicing in different lines of medicine)