Free Introduction To Golf Biomechanics

Thanks for reading about our golf biomechanics package. We're extremely excited to be bringing this to our clinic and to The Lakes Golf Club. We'd love it if you're part of it. If you haven't or want to read about it again, here's the link back to it...

Our Offer

Our golf biomechanics package is a 6 part series valued at $749

Typically you have to purchase the whole package, but today we're giving you the opportuinity to experience part 1 or 6 for no cost at all. 

That means no risk at all to you. If you don't believe that Rick is as amazing as the Golf Pros at The Lakes do, then simply don't buy the rest of the package.

If you do decide to continue through parts 2-6 we'll also take a further 20% off the total package cost (minus the respective cost of the initial session) which brings it down to $499. You can also claim on health insurance for this if you're covered for osteopathy.

This is an exclusive offer limited to the first 7 people to sign up and will not be repeated again. Don't say we didn't warn you!

To take us up on the offer just call us on 02 9527 3322 or use the contact form to the right.

Note: Rick won't be available to work with you until mid March however is happy to consult with you over the phone or email to help you prepare for the day.


Improve Your Golf Out Of Sight.

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