Hit The Ball Straighter, Longer and With More Accuracy Than Ever Before with a Golf Mobility Assessment With Osteopath Dr Rick Hartley

If you’re a serious golfer, then you'll be very aware of just how frustrating it can be to be when you're stuck on the same handicap. It can be even worse when all those wasted hours on the driving range aren't making a difference.

One of the key problems is that even though you know what you need to do, but your body can't physically do it. The longer you spend 'practicing' more of your movement mistakes, more bad habits in your swing are created, and your game suffers

That's why we created our unique "Golf Mobility Assessment", designed specifically to help you identify and improve you mobility issues that are holding back your swing!







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"I have known and referred many of my students to Rick Hartley over the last two years for his knowledge and understanding golf movement and biomechanics. Rick has an amazing ability to diagnose and treat golf injuries accurately, and to exercise my students for injury prevention. 

Having coached golf for over 20 years I find Rick’s approach to helping golfers play better golf, through understanding how to create body efficiency, as refreshing and enlightening. I would personal recommend all golfers to have a screening session with Rick to better understand your body and to see what I believe makes him one of the leaders in his field."


Christian Small

Head Teaching Professional

The Lakes Golf Club

PGA Member – Advanced Coaching

Coach of 3 international tournament winners