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Massage in the Sutherland Shire­– Helping You Recover From Sore Muscles, Spasms & Tightness.

Are you suffering from Pain, tightness or achy muscles? Feel the difference by treating yourself to a massage performed by one of our qualified therapists.

If you’re looking for fast relief from back, hip, shoulder or other pain then you'll love to know that our clinic offers a complete range of massage therapies including:


Remedial massage

Sports massage

Deep Tissue massage

Pregnancy massage

Trigger Point massage

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7 reasons your body needs a massage

If you’re like most people you'll agree that getting a massage is a great option help relieve stress and tension.  There’s nothing quite like the fast relief that a great massage can provide.

Unfortunately the reality is that many people don’t even think about getting a massage until they've been suffering from pain or discomfort for quite some time. The real solution is to book in with your preferred massage therapist and let them fix your problem while it's easy to do so before your pain becomes chronic and takes longer to fix.

So if you’re wondering whether a massage would benefit you, here’s some of the common complaints we treat at our Sutherland massage clinic:

  1. Back pain

  2. Neck pain

  3. Shoulder pain

  4. Headaches

  5. Sports injuries

  6. Joint pain

  7. Hip pain


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Massage fixes more than just your muscles

Did you know that massages relieve much more than just joint & muscle pain? It's true! Massage is also well known to help improve blood flow, aid digestion and remove waste products from the body. This is why massage therapy is commonly used in treating:


Circulation problems

Digestive disorders

Chronic fatigue

Depression & anxiety

Allergies & asthma



So if you’re not getting results with your current treatment, why not give massage therapy a try?


Choose a qualified massage therapist

Let’s face it … there are planty (too many if you ask us) of less reputable massage services around – even in the Sutherland area. So don’t waste your money or risk your health on a second-rate massage service with unqualified practitioners..


Meet The Therapists at our Sutherland Shire Massage Clinic

Robyn Parkes Massage Sutherland

Robyn Parkes


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More Information About Massage

Read here about our Sports Massage services...

Not sure if a massage is what you need? Consult with one of our Osteopaths instead


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Biomechanics Healthcare located at 2/23 Cronulla St, Cronulla which is a 20 minute drive from Sutherland. 

We're located through the entrance of Langshaw & Bell  Optometrists in Cronulla Plaza.  We're just a few doors down form the Post Office toward the Kingsway.

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