Monday Osteopathic Appointments

14th October 2013

Osteopathy & Massage Cronulla

Pay less for a better treatment.

Sound good?

Well our standard Monday Osteopathic appointments have been reduced to $70. 

What makes this price even more attractive, is that the Osteopathy appointments will now include a massage from our new Massage Therapist, Lucy. With Lucy's wealth of experience, i'm confident that she will leave you all very pleased with the results.

So why am i doing this? Well by sharing the patients time between the two of us it allows me to provide more availability for Osteopathy appointments during our peak time 4-7pm on Mondays. There are plenty of other reasons as well, and with the reduced price it will provide an extra incentive to chose Monday as your preferred day to visit us.

How does it work?

The treatment is split with the first 15 mins spent with Lucy our Massage therapist, then the last 15 mins with me (Rhys) the Osteopath.

Why is it better for you?

Heaps of reasons!

1. There is now more availability during out peak time.

2. Lucy has over 10 years experience as a Massage Therapist which is rare to find.

3. We have Elise on reception during this time, which means more treatment time for you as I won't need to process the payment & rebook.

4. The Discounted price!

Now I understand that this style of treatment won't be everyone's cup of tea so if it's isn't, don't worry! I'll still be available for my regular Osteopathic appointments for the rest of the week so feel free to request an appointment to see me on my own. 

To book, call us on 9527 3322 or book online through Biomechanics Healthcare's website.

Got a question? Send us an email and we'll get back to you A.S.A.P. For urgent inquiries please call our clinic 9527 3322.

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