Osteo Cronulla


Are you looking for a great Osteo? Cronulla clinic, Biomechanics Healthcare has just that!

Rhys Donovan graduated from the University of Western Sydney in 2008, and has since then worked in several clinics, eventually purchashing Cronulla Osteopathic Centre in 2010.

With a passion for helping others, Rhys has fine tuned his Osteo approach to focus on those in need for a hands on approach to fixing ailments which have resulted from many situations including:

  • Sports Injuries
  • Work Injuries
  • CTP claims
  • Postural & Ergonomic problems
  • Gerontology
  • Everyday Aches & Pains


What is an Osteo?

An Osteo, or Osteopath, is a primary Allied Health provider who specialises in fixing problems with your musculoskeletal, nervous, lymphatic, vascular, respiritory and digestive systems. 

Osteopaths have the approach to health that everything is inter-related, meaning that a problem in one part of your body can give symptoms to another part.

Some people find this a bit hard to comprehend, so here are some every day examples which you would be familiar with:

  • Peroid pain giving you a back ache
  • Pinched nerve in your back giving you tingling in your foot.
  • Appendicitis initially causing pain in your shoulder
  • Neck pain giving you a headache

The body is a complex thing, and no system is completely independant. They all rely on other systems, and affect other systems.


What Problems Can An Osteo Help With?


How Do I Book With Your Osteo?

Cronulla local & owner of Biomechanics Healthcare is your Osteo of Choice. With appointments available most days of the week, Rhys will often make time to accomodate new patients of the clinic.