Physiotherapy helps when your body is not doing as it should. It doesn’t have to be ONLY if you have ‘injured’ yourself.  Likening the moving part of one’s body to the cogs on a working clock. When a small, insignificant clog stops working or gets stuck, it doesn’t stop the clock, merely irritates the workings of the other parts around it. If not addressed, the other parts will be affected and cause either problems or stop, until the entire clock will stop. Our bodies are similar, and if some non-biomechanical mechanisms occur repeatedly, they can then go on to cause damage, pain or discomfort to the remaining parts of the pure biomechanical functioning machine of our bodies.

  • Pain management with reduced need for opioids.
  • Avoiding surgery.
  • Improved mobility and movement.
  • Recovery from injury or trauma.
  • Recovery from stroke or paralysis.
  • Fall prevention.
  • Improved balance.
  • Management of age-related medical problems.




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