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Are you an athlete who requires the best recovery possible? Our qualified Sports Massage Therapists will have you performing at your best in next to no time.

Book Online or Call our Cronulla Sports Massage Clinic on 9527 3322 today.

Meet The Sports Massage Therapists at Biomechanics Healthcare

What Exactly Is Sports Massage?

Sports Massage is a style of remedial (Deep Tissue) massage designed to assist performance prior to an event aid in post-competition recovery. As athletes are constantly pushing themselves to the extremes, their bodies have often have trouble keeping up which is why many seek a sports massage to help them continue to perform at their best. However, you don't need to be a professional athlete to feel the benefits of a sports massage.

What Kinds Of People Need A Sports Massage?

Cronulla lends itself to all types of people using our Cronulla Sports Massage services: 

  • Regular and Not-So-Regular Gym Goers
  • Weekend Warriors (Soccer, Netball, Football, Cricket etc)
  • Recreational Sports (Jogging, Surfing, Swimming)
  • Boot Camp Participants
  • Fun Run/Charity Events (Sutherland 2 Surf, City 2 Surf, Sydney to the Gong etc)
  • Semi-Professional and Professional Athletes including local Triathletes, Cyclists, Powerlifters and bodybuilders.

Also, if you've done some unusual activity and pulled up sore the next day then Sports Massage can help you. Some notable examples include climbing the harbour bridge, spending the entire weekend gardening, hiking when you don't normally hike, assembling Ikea furniture...the list goes on!

What Does A Sports Massage Feel Like?

As a Sports Massage is aimed at assisting performance and recovery it is performed with a purpose, and is very different from a relaxation massage. Often tight and sore areas are targeted, and as a result moderate discomfort can be felt.

Don't be afraid however, as your practitioner are highly skilled and simply by communicating with them the intensity of your massage can be controlled to a tolerable level.

How Does A Sports Massage Help?

There are many positive effects Sports Massage, the most common include:

  • Relieving Pain
  • Increasing Blood & Lymphatic Flow
  • Deactivating Trigger Points
  • Increasing Muscle Flexibility
  • Reducing Muscular Tension
  • Reduce Muscle Fatigue

How To Know The Best Time To Get A Sports Massage?

Everyone enjoys a massage, but when is the best time to get one? Depending on your situation the answer can change, but here's some ideas of when's best to call us.

1. A.S.A.P after getting a niggle or injury during training

2. 2-3 Days before a sporting event

3. 1-2 days following a sporting event

4. Every 2-3 weeks if you train hard

5. Every 4-6 weeks if you train a moderate amount

6. Weekly if you're a professional athlete

7. Weekly for a month or so leading up to a sporting event.

Prompt diagnosis & treatment after an injury is imperative to ensure your recover time is minimised & performance maintained. Even if you're unsure what to do, give us a call and one of our Sports Massage Therapists will gladly advise you the best course of treatment.

More Information About Our Other Types Of Massage

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How Do I Book In For A Sports Massage In Cronulla?

The best way to book in for a Sport Massage at our Cronulla Sports Massage Clinic is to Book Online or Call our Cronulla Sports Massage Clinic on 9527 3322 today.

Meet The Sports Massage Therapists at our Cronulla Clinic


Are You Looking For The Best Sports Massage In Cronulla?

Biomechanics Healthcare located at 2/23 Cronulla St, Cronulla. Our 4 Sports Massage Therapists are available for bookings Monday - Saturday.


We're located through the main doors of Langshaw & Bell Shire Optometrists in Cronulla Mall.  We're next to Cronulla Newsagency and Strawberry Fair Cafe, while opposite us is Bottle O'Brien's and the 5th Season Cafe.



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