Due to professional regulations we can't display written testimonials for some of our modalities, but read what our patients have to say about our fantastic massage therapists...

"John, thank you so much, you are definitely highly skilled at treating incredibly sore and damaged muscles. I was expecting having to come back over numerous sessions to fix my lower back and shoulder problems, but you hit the nail on the head in the first session! My flexibility had increased drastically. Although still sore, I feel so much better after releasing all the tension.

Thank you. You are a wizard masseuse!

Will definitely recommend you to friends and family!"



"Rhys and Kathleen,

I've been meaning to write and say thank you to both of you. I have had so much work done on me by so many medical professions over the last two I years since my MVA, the two of you have given me the most relief from pain. 

When I came back here to Canada I realised how much you two had helped me. I'm now working out in the gym with a kinesiologist, I expect to be playing tennis again within the next couple of months.

Thanks again for the great work."