Did you know that the majority of health fund entitlements reset on 31st December?


This is something that you need to be aware of...
do you know that you lose private health fund benefits each year?

Most people are unaware of this, so we thought we should let you know. Now is the time to use your entitlements before they're lost forever.

Most health funds allow you to claim on extras (massage, osteo, physio etc) during a 12 month period, usually running calendar year from January till December. Unused claims do not carry over to the next year, which means:



With instant rebates on the spot, you can use your health fund benefit to help you improve your movement, performance, and wellbeing.

Enjoy the rest of 2017 and be as healthy as you can be, out of pain and enjoying the things in life you deserve. Start next year refreshed and ready to go!

Don’t miss out on the rebate you pay for! Call our practice today on 9527 3322 to schedule an appointment and take advantage of the funds still available to you before they run out. 


Six Super Tips on Making The Most of Your Health Fund

  1. In pain & think that you may need some Osteopathy or Acupuncture? Get in quick for your initial consultation before the year is done. The average length of a treatment plan is around 6 - 8 consultations, so get a few appointments in now and schedule the other appointments for the new year after your health fund resets.
  2. Don't have any major injuries? Why not treat yourself to a massage or two to help de-stress over this crazy time of year.
  3. Wear glasses? Many Optometrists offer great deals at this time of year if you have a health fund. Discounts, 2-4-1 offers, no gap etc. Shop around and you can get a great deal.
  4. Don't wear glasses, but think you might need some? Get an Optometrist appointment before the year runs out. You can use your health fund to cover the cost of any basic exams, and maybe some contacts or a pair of glasses. Then when it's the new year go back for your follow up & get some more contacts or a second pair of glasses.
  5. You can use the same strategy at your Dentist. Go in for your check-up this year and if you need any major work done, get what you can get covered this year & do the rest next year. Think 3 fillings this year & the other 3 next year!
  6. And again, the same strategy can be with your podiatrist. Have a consultation this year, order & pay for your orthotics at the start of next year. Or order one pair of orthotics this year for your work shoes and another next year for your running shoes.

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