Workcover Cronulla

Do you have a Workplace injury and are looking for the right practitioners to get you pain free, moving correctly and back to work A.S.A.P?

Look no further, our qualified practitioners are Workcover approved and have years of experience helping workers return to work in a safe, yet timely manner.

Our Workcover Cronulla Services

At our Cronulla clinic we have several in-house services that you can use as part of your Workcover treatment. Choose to use one, or all if necessary (subject to case manager's approval)

Osteopathy - Dr Rhys Donovan & Dr Dan Garner

Physiotherapy - Benson Mui

Podiatry - Dr Vanessa Hadchiti

Workplace Injuries That We Can Help With


Sprained Ankles Twisted Knees Joint Dislocations
Back Pain Sprained Wrists Tennis/Golfer's Elbow
RSI Sciatica Frozen Shoulder
Rotatorcuff Tears Falls Motor Vehicle Accidents
Fractured Bones Joint Pain Torticolis/Twisted Neck

Your Rights To Choice of Practitioner and Service

It's not a well known fact that as the patient, you have the right to choose where you go and who you see.

Far too often we see patients reluctantly going to see a practitioner of their doctor's choice, rather than who the patient prefers to see. Why does this happen? Well the Doctor doesn't usually let you know that you can see whoever you want, and patients don't question their Doctor.

While physiotherapy if by far the most recommended service and can often be a great choice, it's not the only choice.

Osteopaths, podiatrists and some massage therapists are also Workcover approved. We recommend that if you have a regular practitioner who you see, stick with them because they know your body best and will often get you the best results.

Think about've already done the hard work finding a practitioner who you trust and works well for you, why would you change now that you've got a serious injury?

How To Claim Under Workcover?

If you already have Workcover approval for one of our practitioners at Biomechanics Healthcare Cronulla, simply bring in your Workcover approval letter and we can begin straight away. You won't need to pay any our of pocket expenses during your treatment through Workcover.

What If I haven't Got Workcover Approval Yet?

That's ok, there are two ways which you can go about this.

First way (preferred)

  • Inform your workplace so that they can put through a claim and see your GP to get Workcover approval.
  • Tell your GP that you'd like to see your preferred practitioner at Biomechanics Healthcare Cronulla.
  • Once you have your GP's approval you should be assigned a case manager through your work's Workcover provider.
  • Call us to make your first appointment and bring your approval with you

Second way

  • If you haven't got the paperwork ready then make your initial appointment with us anyway as it may take some time for you get all the necessary Workcover paperwork ready and your condition could worsen in the meantime.
  • Inform your boss or HR department that you're coming in for treatment before your Workcover claim is approved & see if they're willing to rebate the first appointment.
  • Pay for your appointment in full (don't claim your health fund rebate yet)
  • Once your Workcover is approved speak to your case manager and see if they'll backdate the first appointment and refund you. That is, if you like your work & don't want them to foot the bill. 
  • If neither your workplace or Workcover will rebate the first appointment (highly unlikely), then use your receipt to claim on your health fund to minimise your out of pocket expenses. The reason why this is the last step, is that if you claim on your health fund first then Workcover will only rebate your out of pocket expenses. You may need these private health fund rebates if you get injured later in the year!