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"Yoga Therapy is so much more than exercising and stretching. It's a holistic practice for working through injuries, clearing stress and bringing your mind and emotions into balance" 

This practice is best described as an adapted remedial or treatment style of Yoga, also known as Somatic Therapy.

A Yoga Therapy session is tailored to meet your individual needs. For example, you may want to work through an injury or perhaps you have ongoing stress or historical trauma that the body needs to process. Quietening and calming your nervous system plays a vital role in helping you address reactive behaviours that can be driven by a sense of disconnect, chronic anxiety, frustration, grief and a lack of direction.

Christine Harpley is a senior Yoga teacher with over twenty years experience and who is passionate about the healing effects of Yoga Therapy.

Christine utilises her training and experience in anatomy and physiology, Hatha Yoga (poses), Yoga Nidra (holistic mindfulness) and Pranayama (breathing techniques). These modalities are utilised in a sequence that have a particular therapeutic effect that can lead to an abiding sense of ease and peace.

The intention of Yoga Therapy is to increase your range of movement and self awareness, balance the nervous system and maintain the effects of the sessions.

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Christine Harpley Yoga Therapy

Christine Harpley

Senior Yoga Teacher (Yoga Australia)

Internationally Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher

Licensed Massage Practitioner (USA)


Yoga Therapy with Christine Harpley for stress and anxiety relief


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We're located at 2/23 Cronulla St, Cronulla 2230. Head upstairs through 'Langshaw & Bell' Shire Optometrist To Find Us.


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